My Favorite Books By Topic
War and Military
Sympathy for the Devil
by Kent Anderson
It's about a soldier named Hanson. He goes from an innocent kid to a death-bringing Green Beret in Viet Nam. Then he comes home...and goes back. One of the greatest books I have ever read! It's finally back in paperback and in print.
Night Dogs
by Kent Anderson

Hanson came home for good. And now he back fighting a different type of war, this time as a cop! Hanson at his best! This is a sure fire classic.
Black Hawk Down
by Mark Bowden

This is the true story of the disaster in Mogadishu. I knew some of the Rangers involved. It tells of the mistakes made and lives lost. There is a gripping section on Delta Team members. A story of brave soldiers when things get FUBAR.
My War Gone By, I Miss It So
By Anthony Loyd

This is the most recent book I'm reading. It is the author's first hand account of the war in Bosnia. He jumps in headfirst into this violent war without support or funding from any news agency. A great read so far.
Charlie Mike
The Last Run
By Leonard B. Scott

These are two of the greatest Ranger fiction books of all time. I remember being a young newbie Ranger and being handed a dog-earred copy and told to "pass it on" when I was done.
I Am Legend
By Richard Matheson
One of the greatest horror stories ever. The book revolves around the last man on earth. He has to fight off nightly vampire attacks, who's leader just happens to be an old friend. Stephen King has said this was the most influential book on his writing he has ever read. The Charlton Heston played in the film version "The Omega Man", as did Vincent Price in "The Last Man on Earth". Even Homer Simpson had a Halloween episode based on it, "The Homega Man". Get this book, which has been re-released and scare the hell out of yourself!