These are some old pics from ''97 or '98 when I used to really play alot. I plan on getting "my ass in the grass" very soon!
A tight 360!
Masked and unmasked! (front l-r) Snpr1, Chad Cousino (rear l-r) Steve Salander and Steve Myers
My first "real" paintmarker. A pump action Bushmaster SI with "auto trigger". A work of art! It even had a M-16 pistol grip.
My current marker. A semi auto Spyder. I added a Tasco red dot sight and a smart parts teardrop barrel. It is a sweet gun.
A a special treat for all you hardcore OG paintballers who started with "Splatmasters" like me...The Splatmaster Rapide! This little bastard was one of the first semi autos. And it had a square magazine that held 20 rounds. It had 5 rounds in four chambers and you would rotate the mag. You could also get extra mags, a stock and a foregrip for it. It rocked!