Biographical Information

Born in Jackson, Michigan moved to Toledo, Ohio at 4 years old.

August 1990 to November 1994

Entered The United States Army at Ft. Benning, GA.***Basic Training-Delta 3/32 Inf., 2nd Plt.***Airborne School-1/507 PIR***R.I.P.-75th Ranger Regt DUTY ASSIGNMENTS AND UNITS***3/75 Ranger Regiment Bravo Co. 3rd Plt. Jump Clearing Squad Ft. Benning, GA. SAW gunner, M-203 Gunner***197th Inf. Ft. Benning, GA. M-203 Gunner/Humvee Driver/S-3/Bradley Driver(Unit then became 2/18 Inf. as part of 24th ID)***2 ID(Korea), Charlie Co. 5/20 Camp Casey, Korea SAW gunner/Bradley gunner/Dismount Team Ldr/Dismount Squad Ldr/Sniper Team Member w/ SSGT Jason Bartlett. Awarded "BEST SQUAD IN 2 ID"

December 1997

Earned Associate in Law Enforcement at the University of Toledo in Ohio

I also have a  daughter. I am a Police Officer with a Police Division outside of Toledo, Ohio for over 16 years. We have about 45 officers in the department. I am a crime scene photographer, and a member of the Special Response Unit (SWAT)

Schools I have attended:

Street Survival /  Drug Interdiction /  Police Photographer   Rave and Club Drugs  / FBI Evidence Collection /  Liquor, Tax, and Gambling Control /  FAST(Firearms, Arrest and Self defense Tactics) at Ohio State Patrol Academy /
ADAP(Advanced Detection, Apprehension and Prosecution) of DUI at OSP Academy / SWAT Basic, Medina, Ohio HSS International / Blood and Bullet Patterns / Homicide Investigations / Street Drugs / Rave Drugs / Clandestine Labs/ HSS International Basic SWAT School/ Officer Survivial Refresher/